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Viva La Revolution

Hop aboard the Dance Dance Revolution party train, and prepare to sweat.

March 06, 2001 issue

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Rachel Lehmann-Haupt

Caption: The video game shouts encouragements and tips, such as “Stay cool” and “Faster.”
The techno-beat music pulsates. Red and blue lights flash under your feet. And yo, yo, yo you are hip-hopping, breaking moves in the latest video game craze. Part Twister, part techno-rave, part high-impact workout, Dance Dance Revolution is no couch potato computer game: after two five-minute rounds on the arcade dance machine, even turbo athletes will break a sweat.
Forget joysticks. Konami, the leading video-game maker in Japan, created Dance Dance hoping to reverse the slipping revenues of formerly favorite shoot-'em up and sports games. It worked. In three years Dance Dance has become the hottest arcade and home-video game in Japan.
Now it's catching on in the United States. At the glittery Sony Metreon mall in downtown San Francisco, members of informal club DDR Freak meet to compete. In Manhattan, the hot spot is Bar Code, a Times Square arcade.
You'll find it at home soon. Video-game companies, including Enix, Sega, and Sony, have created similar dance games for Sega's Dreamcast and the Sony PlayStation. Konami released the first U.S. home version, for the Sony PlayStation, in February. The Konami version includes a calorie counter-a sure way to inspire workouts, if not improve your moves on real dance floors.


Rachel Lehmann-Haupt ( is a staff writer for Business 2.0.

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