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DDR Freak - IRC Policy

While you are in #ddrfreak, keep the following guidelines in mind. Failure to follow these can get you kicked or banned from the channel.
  • Make yourself at home first
    It's perfectly okay to join the channel and go without saying anything for hours or even days.  If it's your first time to DDR Freak IRC, feel free to just observe what other people say and do on the channel, and join when you feel appropriate.  It's unwise to `force your way' into random discussions just because you feel obliged to say something (because you've joined a `chat' room) even when you have nothing to say in fact. 
  • Respect other people
    Cussing people out, flooding the channel, and pissing people off is a good way to get yourself banned from the channel.
  • Do not beg for ops
    Self explanatory--it gets annoying.
  • Do not abuse the bots
    There are a few bots in the channel that have useful features, but can become annoying if overused. Do not overuse the bots to flood the channel with garbage.
  • Be nice to newcomers
    Newcomers, or newbies, may appear clueless sometimes and say something unacceptable on the channel even without knowing that it was so.  If you want to point that out, be nice and polite; don't narrow-mindedly bash them.  If they continue to be a nuisance, an op will probably take some action.
  • Do not take personal dramas onto the channel
    Dramas on channel is a no-no; take them to elsewhere, like private /MSGs, e-mails, forum PMs and such.

There are also some unaccepted behavior which may result in kicks and/or bans:

  • TyPinG iN aZn wRiTInG LiEk DiZ

  • This needs a bit of explanation: Most IRC people are wary of so-called AzN writings, and will taunt you if you use it even in your nickname.  Rule of thumb is, stay away from it whenever possible on IRC.
  • Using large or huge words like this: aierlaihwrvaiuhrvliauhrb;oiae;orjvaow;efa
  • Repeating the same line like this
    Repeating the same line like this
    Repeating the same line like this
    Repeating the same line like this
    Repeating the same line like this

Finally, there are some long-time regulars who are prejudiced against most DDR Freak population and will readily bash newcomers, especially on #ddrfreak.  If that becomes a case between them and you, just ignore them; make friends with people who greet and are okay with you instead.

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