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Machine Locations Submission Guidelines

Modifying existing machine locations or adding new locations should be a very simple process. The players at each location know their local arcade (or restaurant, or whatever the case may be) best, and submit the information. The moderators do a quick check over the submissions to ensure that the information is basically correct, clicks a little button, and voila - the machine location is updated or added.

Unfortunately, such is not the case. While your help in keeping these locations up to date and accurate is highly appreciated, we've noticed a few trends which, if not addressed immediately, makes the process arduous and tedious. To expedite the processing of your submissions, we've compiled a list of guidelines for you to follow. Warning: any submission which does not comply with these guidelines will be deleted without regard to content.

My personal favorite new addition to the Machine Locations is the requiring of user/password when you modify or submit. This means we can and will track the users who give us bogus, annoying, excessive, and/or idiotic submissions. Thank you for your help ahead of time. =)

  • We only want one submission (new, delete, or modification) per location AT ANY GIVEN TIME. That means, if you screwed up in your submission, and you want to create a new one to replace the old one, TOUGH. Wait it out. Don't fudge the city name or the arcade name just to get in another submission. Wait until the first one gets denied or approved, then send in a modification to it. Above all else - DO NOT EMAIL or PM or POST about it. Everything dealing with machine locations should be contained within the machine locations page. If you choose to email or post about a correction anyway, I can guarantee that it will be thoroughly ignored. It's all about scalability guys. Work with us.
  • If you plan on having more information (such as an address or phone number, or price) on a location within a few days, wait until you have all the information before submitting. At any given time, there shall only be one modification or new submission per location.
  • If a machine location no longer exists, remove all the DDR machines from that location - this will signify a deletion.
  • To modify a location, you click on the location, locate the little button that says "Modify", and do your magic. If the location already has a modification pending, you cannot do anything. This is an intentional part of our design. You may not modify new locations that are waiting for approval. This is also intentional. If you do not approve of a modification/new submission, rate it 'no', and with enough negative votes, it will be deleted.
  • Use proper English (unless the location is for a non-English speaking country). This means no aZn TyPIng, no ALL CAPS, correct spelling, no l33t speak, using punctuation marks, among other things. Did I say use English already? That's right. Nothing against other languages, but please - limit your submissions to English.
  • No shoutouts. We'd like to keep machine locations purely informational, so if you want everyone to know exactly how much you love your baby mama, go call Theo at KMEL.
  • No flaming other people. "This location would be okay if it weren't for this BITCH named Jessica who always cuts in front of you" - that is not okay. Stating that a lot of kids frequent the places is cool. Stating that you want to kick all the kids' butts - keep it to yourself please.
  • No submitting a location for home consoles. It's nice and all that you've got a modified PS2 at home, with the hard pads, but really - we don't need to know about it.
  • Similarly, do not submit a location which has a simulator of DDR thrown in a cabinet. That's not DDR, even if it looks, sounds, and plays like DDR.
  • Leave empty fields blank. Do not write n/a, None, or any other worthless piece of drivel.
  • Location field: It might not be obvious from the name of the field, but it is intended for the precise location of the machine inside the arcade, not for cross streets of the arcade itself. That information goes in the address field.
  • Arcade name: This is the name of the arcade or place in which the machine is located, not the version of the machine. There are no locations, regardless of what you might think, called Dancing Stage - Disney's Rave. If the arcade is located inside some dinky 7-11, the name of the location is 7-11.
  • Don't submit the same information over and over. It will take time for the information to be processed. Someone has to approve it. So if it doesn't show up immediately, don't fret or resubmit. Chill. Got that? DO NOT RESUBMIT OVER AND OVER.
  • Check to make sure that the location doesn't already exist before you submit a new record for us to add. The locations can be sorted by city or arcade name, so you should be able to find the city in which your location exists and double check that it doesn't already exist.
  • Don't submit modifications without actually modifying everything, and don't delete all the fields of a location when you click "modify." Click "modify" only when you have something to modify. Don't click on it to test if it works, or click on it multiple times--it only makes things slower to update. When you submit a modification, only modify the information that has changed. If you delete the other fields, you are just erasing information, and causing a disservice to the people who read it.
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